Boats have been the primary activity throughout my life
Building them, Sailing them,
maintaining them …
and having fun on them

Whether power or sail, custom or production,
I have extensive experience building a range of vessels …
Including some of the most technologically advanced sailboats in the World

I honed my skills at three of the premier boat yards in
South Africa, either as Factory Manager or Project Manager
Launching more than fifty boats in the 50′ to 100′ range
… and hundreds of smaller ones …

Currently I am the Managing Director at Kinetic Catamarans
where we are constructing a range of highly customized
60′ carbon hi-performance catamarans.

Yachting has taken me from the
Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean the Atlantic, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, Cuba
… Central America as well as the whole US East Coast
… I’ve rounded the Southern tip of Africa many times and completed a couple of Trans-Atlantic crossings.

Whether it is managing a multi-million dollar boat building project or an electrical or mechanical problem
… engines, refrigeration or air-conditioning, pumps, water-makers, hydraulics …
interior cabinetry or fairing and painting –
I’ve done it and my track record speaks for itself